Happy Columbus Day! These Indians Are Throwin’ Serious Smoke Signals

Ford Springer | Contributor

Christopher Columbus famously discovered this great country in 1492 and for that reason alone it is worth celebrating Columbus Day in the United States.

People have been protesting the celebration almost as long as it began hundreds of years ago and some have even started a movement to change Columbus Day to “Indigenous Peoples Day” instead. (RELATED: The Smoke Room’s Model Of The Week: Rachell Vallori)

Proponents of the change claim that we, as a country, shouldn’t be celebrating a man who brought European colonialism, disease and warfare to a continent that was previously uncivilized and populated by the indigenous people of America.

While Columbus may have opened the door to some bad things to happen, he is still responsible for discovering this great country. There is no arguing with that. However, in the spirit of the indigenous people debate, let’s celebrate Columbus Day with these women wearing head dresses and war paint.


Ford Springer



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