J.J. Watt’s Tweet After Getting Injured Is Heartbreaking

David Hookstead | Reporter

Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt’s season is likely over after an injury Sunday, and he fired off an emotional Tweet early Monday morning.

“I can’t sugarcoat it, I am devastated. All I want to do is be out there on that field for my teammates and this city. I’m sorry,” wrote to his fans.

I’ve been a bit hard on Watt from time to time, despite the fact we’re both Wisconsin guys. I’ve questioned his authenticity, but I have zero doubt he means it with this tweet.

The guy is an animal on the field, and he has raised an incredible amount of money for Houston following Hurricane Harvey. You hate to see guys like that go down. Watt goes down with a season ending injury, and he apologizes for it. That’s the kind of guy I want fighting on my side.

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