Jemele Hill Predicted The Biggest News Of The Day – Was Very Wrong

David Hookstead | Contributor

Suspended ESPN host Jemele Hill wasn’t very accurate when she predicted what would control the news cycle today.

The outspoken critic of Donald Trump thought a video showing a Miami Dolphins offensive line coach snorting white lines would dominate the news. She made the prediction late Sunday night after the video was released.

Well, that was pretty big news. Then Hill went and got herself suspended by suggesting that fans should boycott the sponsors of the Dallas Cowboys after Jerry Jones said players who disrespected the flag would not play.

There’s nothing like a little slap in the face from reality to brighten up your day. Little did she know when she fired off that tweet that people would soon care less about the Dolphins coach. They’re only talking about her dumb tweets at this point in time.

Well done, Jemele. Any other glorious predictions for us?

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David Hookstead



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