Mike Leach Truly Is A Gift From God To Football Fans Everywhere

David Hookstead | Reporter

Washington State football coach Mike Leach is a living legend in the eyes of football fans.

Sunday afternoon I found myself deep down the rabbit hole of Leach videos on YouTube, and it was a fascinating experience. How many coaches can go from cussing out their entire team to talking about having a battle axe for protection?

Nobody except the great Mike Leach.

That rant is after a conference win. I can’t imagine what he’s like in the locker room following a loss.

There’s also the time he talked about his players’ “fat little girlfriends” during a press conference, in what was one of the funniest and crudest moments I’ve ever seen in college football. The nonstop lashing of his players and their girlfriends is also about as honest as it gets when it comes to a coach in the public eye.

He also weighed in with some great dating tips.

One of his most underrated moments of all-time was when he went on ESPN, and called one of his players lazy during the middle of an internal investigation about whether or not he abused the player.

Mike Leach: God’s greatest gift to the sport we’ve ever had.

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