There Is Evidence That ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is A Pro-Trump Show

David Hookstead | Contributor

There is evidence that the HBO hit show “Game of Thrones” promotes a pro-Donald Trump message when it comes to a border wall.


One of the main plot lines in GoT is the wall in the north. The wall protects against all enemies to the north that want to march south. First it was the Wildlings that did their best to breach the wall and invade. The invasion ultimately failed, and the wall itself bought the Night’s Watch valuable time in the battle.

The wall ultimately falls in season seven when the Night King torches it with his white walker dragon. It was a pretty incredible scene. The wall falling means the white walkers will soon head south, and likely kill everything in their path. With the wall standing, the white walkers wouldn’t be able to conquer Westeros. Seems like the wall served a pretty productive purpose.

We also all know that Donald Trump is a big fan of walls himself. He campaigned on the idea of a wall on the Mexican border, and he hasn’t stopped talking about it since he became President.

Lots of people ask about whether or not walls work or if they’re important. I’m sure Jon Snow and the rest of his crew would be quick to argue the wall was a necessity, given it was the major thing protecting them from all the enemies to the north.

Jon Snow, Daenerys, Tyrion, the Stark girls and Trump are all big wall fans. Not the worst crew to be a part of.

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