Donald Trump Has Been Talking About IQ For Years On Twitter

Jena Greene | Reporter

When the president challenged his secretary of state to an IQ test today, it made me pretty curious what Trump’s actual score might be.

Mensa offered to mediate the test Tuesday, which escalated the situation even further. It also made me even more curious.

The IQ-off started after Tillerson may or may not have called Trump a moron, to which Trump said, “If he did that, I guess we’ll have to compare IQ tests. And I can tell you who is going to win.”

The media, the Trump resistance, and pretty much everyone with access to the internet erupted into mass hysteria. Personally I did a fist pump. And then I did a little research myself.

And boy was I not disappointed. It turns out that this isn’t Trump’s first rodeo in the IQ war room. He’s been quoted upward of 22 times boasting about his intelligence quotient to various people/anyone who will listen. Here are some of his most notable quotables.

Some themes to keep in mind. The “haters” can’t deny his intelligence. Not only does he have a high IQ but he’s also very compassionate. It seems he had been considering a Republican presidential run perhaps as far back as 2013. It’s oddly satisfying to hear a sitting president use the word “asshole” followed by an exclamation point. And lastly, I think my new favorite insult is obnoxious lightweight with a low IQ.

Let’s all hope that our President never changes. Happy 2017 everyone.

Jena Greene



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