The Chicago Bears Ran The Coolest Two-Point Conversion In History

David Hookstead | Reporter

The Chicago Bears pulled off what might be the coolest two-point conversion in the history of football Monday night against the Minnesota Vikings.

The Bears were trailing 17-15 when quarterback Trubisky got the ball in shotgun. He handed the ball to running back Jordan Howard, who flipped it to tight end Zach Miller.

Miller somehow then proceeded to execute a perfect pitch back to Trubisky, who walked into the end zone unchallenged.

It’s unreal to watch.

I had to watch that video four times before I started to understand what happened, and then I had to watch it a couple more times just to make sure I had it right.

Do people understand how hard of a play that is to execute? The initial hand-off is easy. Everything that happened afterwards is simply asking for a fumble to happen.

Chicago might not have won the game, but they certainly will win the award for coolest two-point conversion in the history of the NFL.

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David Hookstead



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