Chris Johnson’s Tweet About Adrian Peterson Did Not Age Well

David Hookstead | Contributor

The internet dug up a tweet from former Arizona Cardinals running back Chris Johnson, and it didn’t age well at all.

Johnson just got cut after the Cardinals traded for Adrian Peterson from the New Orleans Saints. The former Minnesota star wasn’t getting many touches with the Saints, and Johnson took note.

“AP NEED MORE TOUCHES,” Johnson tweeted at the start of the season. The Cardinals apparently agreed, and it cost him his job.

That’s a tough look. One day you’re stating Peterson needs some more touches, and a month later he steals your job right out from underneath your feet. It’s a cold world in the NFL, and Johnson learned that the hard way.

I’m honestly not sure if there’s anything worse than advocating for a rival player to get some more touches, and the guy gets more touches by taking your own job. It’s borderline poetic.

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