Hailey Clauson Sure Has An Interesting Way To Announce She’s Moving

David Hookstead | Reporter

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Hailey Clauson wanted everybody to know she’s moving to California, but she didn’t do it in the usual way.

Most people announce they’re making a move on their Facebook page or maybe with a tweet. They reach out to see if anybody wants to grab a quick drink before they hit the road.

That is the normal routine for announcing a move. That is not all what Clauson decided decided to do. Instead, she decided to post a photo of herself in a wildly revealing white outfit with the caption, “Officially moving back to California today! #goinghome #after8yearsinNYC.”

Officially moving back to California today! #goinghome #after8yearsinNYC

A post shared by Hailey Clauson (@haileyclauson) on

I have no idea what what these models are thinking when they post stuff like this, but at least it’s entertaining.

A post shared by Hailey Clauson (@haileyclauson) on

A post shared by Hailey Clauson (@haileyclauson) on

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