Mike Leach Explaining Playoff Expansion Is Some More College Football Gold

David Hookstead | Reporter

Washington State football coach Mike Leach recently went on a rant about expanding the college football playoff, and it’s exceptionally incredible.

Leach has consistently been one of the most interesting and entertaining people in all of sports. His take on how the college football playoff should be expanded is no exception.

The basic summary is he wants division one college football to do it the same way as Division I-AA, and he certainly seems to make a lot of sense.

Ladies and gentlemen, once again Mike Leach has proved how he’s a national hero. Has anybody ever been more straight to the point than Leach?

Imagine the conversations you could have with this guy if no topics were off-limits. He gives fascinating rants about everything. I would love to get his thoughts on how majestic aircraft carriers are, who really shot JFK and so much more.

God bless this man.

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David Hookstead



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