Samantha Hoopes Is Still Embracing Bikini Season

David Hookstead | Reporter

Model Samantha Hoopes appeared not to be ready to give up bikinis just yet in a Wednesday Instagram post.

Hoopes dropped a stunning bikini photo on her fans, and as she points out, there really is no need for a caption on this photo.

No caption in mind.

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I’d also like to personally thank Hoopes for affirming her commitment to the pro-bikini team. Earlier today I wrote about how I felt the tide was turning against me in my war against one-piece swimsuits.

Bam! Just like that Hoopes fires of a bikini photo. Maybe the tide isn’t shifting against me after all.

A post shared by Samantha Hoopes (@samanthahoopes) on

A post shared by Samantha Hoopes (@samanthahoopes) on

A post shared by Samantha Hoopes (@samanthahoopes) on

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