This Season Of ‘American Horror Story’ Has Been Outstanding

David Hookstead | Reporter

Pretty much every episode of this season’s “American Horror Story: Cult” has been impressive.

I was very nervous when I initially heard the 2016 presidential election would play a major role in the new season. Playing with politics in entertainment is always a dangerous game. It doesn’t take much to make certain viewers feel attacked.

Luckily, “AHS” has absolutely killed it this season. Somehow the writers, directors and producers found the perfect balance of attacking Trump while hammering the unnecessary hysteria surrounding his election from fringe elements of the left.

This season has also been a great reminder that Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters are two of the most impressive actors right now. Peters is absolutely terrifying as a Manson-like cult leader. Every moment his character is on screen is horrifying. He kills with no remorse, manipulates people into doing terrible things and somehow appears to have put together an ingenious master plan.

I don’t think anyone ever thought Paulson had lost a step, but she has been outstanding this season — arguably even better on screen than Peters.

Lots of people were convinced that this season would be awful and would sink to the levels of seasons four and five.

I’m happy to see that it turned out to be very entertaining.

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