Benched Browns QB Likes Tweet Trashing the Organization

David Hookstead | Reporter

Benched Cleveland Browns quarterback DeShone Kizer liked a tweet trashing the organization for sticking him on the bench.

The tweet reads, “The Browns have and always will be the worst organization in the league! They have no concept of building! Hold ya head @DKizer_14.”

Things are in an absolute free fall right now in Cleveland. How could it possibly get worse? The former rookie starting quarterback is liking comments on social media opening attacking the team that signs the bottom of his paychecks.

And don’t even think of coming at me with arguments about how his finger probably slipped, and Kizer probably accidentally liked it. That isn’t something that actually happens.

I have no idea what the remedy for Cleveland is, but I do know that having a quarterback agreeing with social media posts trashing the team is not the best way to win football games.

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