John Calipari Responds To FBI College Basketball Investigations

David Hookstead | Reporter

Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari really didn’t want to discuss the FBI investigation into college basketball and shoe companies.

Nike is reportedly under investigation by the FBI, but the reasons why aren’t really known. It’s very clear that the legendary coach has zero interest in discussing the topic.

“Oh, that makes it true. I have no comment to it. We haven’t been contacted. The NCAA hasn’t contacted us. We’re going about our business of coaching this team,” Calipari sarcastically quipped back at the reporter when asked about the FBI investigating Nike schools.


Not being contacted by the FBI is a trend Calipari would probably like to keep going.

I have no idea if Calipari knows anything more than what the public does, but I’d be very nervous if I was a college basketball coach right now. It seems like there will certainly be more names that the FBI takes down before this ends.

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