Hookstead’s Friday Mailbag: Harvey Weinstein Should Disappear Forever

David Hookstead | Reporter

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for my Friday mailbag at The Smoke Room.

Lots of great questions to cover this week. We’ve got the horrific revelations about Harvey Weinstein, but as always, I answer some lighter stuff in here for the readers.


I have a strong feeling Harvey Weinstein is only the tip of the iceberg. These Hollywood types are running amok of what is morally okay and likely the law. What can be done to root out these monsters preying on women?

I’m not sure there’s anything specific that can be done to stop what Harvey Weinstein did to these women. To be clear, it can absolutely be stopped. I’m just not sure there’s one specific thing that can be a blanket fix.

I think we need to expose these men for who they are. We also need to expose all of their enablers. It has to be like a military operation. It has to be surgical. Once a couple dominos fall, I truly believe the collapse could happen rather quickly.

Either way, Weinstein sounds like a complete piece of garbage.

What is your problem with soccer? It’s a growing sport. Isn’t that something we should be supporting?

I don’t hate soccer. I just hate the idea we praise the men’s national team, and they haven’t done anything. They can’t even qualify for the World Cup.

Do we praise teams that don’t make the NFL, NBA or NHL playoffs? Of course we don’t, and we shouldn’t.

Congrats on being a dumbass when it comes to college football. You talk nonstop about how crappy the SEC is, but how is Michigan looking these days? There are now the same number of SEC teams in the top 10 as there are Big Ten. Just wait to watch your precious teams get rolled in the bowl games.

First, Michigan got beat by a good Michigan State team. What teams in the SEC have appeared to really be good outside of Alabama? Maybe Georgia and Auburn? Both of those teams haven’t beaten anybody that’s impressive.

Congratulations on the fact Georgia beat Notre Dame. That would have meant something 20 years ago. Alabama is going to roll through SEC like’s it’s stealing candy from a kid in handcuffs.

As for the Big Ten, those teams will be just fine. You know how many teams in the entire country want to play Ohio State, Wisconsin or Penn State in a bowl? Zero. Not to say those teams can’t lose, but no coach would be happy to draw one of those teams in a bowl.

What can Trump do to boost his chances in 2020? Seems like his odds of winning again are slipping.

I thought pretty hard before I actually came up with an answer to this question as I was walking to work.

Release the pictures of Osama Bin Laden’s dead body a week before election day. It would dominate the media cycle like something we’ve never seen before. It would be pure electricity, and I think he would get a big jump in the polls.

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