Model Goes Topless At The Pool In Crazy Photo

David Hookstead | Contributor

Model Rosanna Arkle didn’t cover up while at the pool in a recent Instagram posts.

Arkle, who has a staggering three and a half million followers on Instagram, posted a photo of herself wearing a one-piece with the top pulled down.

Deep in thought obvs @rockybatchelor

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So many thoughts on this situation here. Number one, good to see Arkle is posting crazy photos. It’s her bread and butter, and we always like to see people excelling at what they’re good at.

Secondly, how does this fall under my crusade against one-piece swimsuits? She’s technically wearing one, but does it count if she’s got half the thing pulled off? It would appear to me that this might actually be a very gray area. I hate one-piece swimsuits, we all know this, but Arkle here seems to be trying to push the envelope. Maybe we can tweak the rule just a little bit to allow things of this nature.

After all, we all know I’ll do anything to defend the rights of attractive women. Props to me for standing up for their freedom.

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