The Smoke Room’s Model Of The Week: Maggie Rawlins Douglas

Ford Springer | Entertainment Reporter

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for The Smoke Room’s model of the week.

This week’s lovely lady is Maggie Rawlins Douglas, and if you’ve never heard of her you are in for a pleasant surprise. (The Smoke Room’s Model Of The Week: Kasey Ashcraft)

Maggie is pretty new to the modeling industry, but the beautiful blonde has some serious staying power if she decides to keep pursuing it. Just one look at her Instagram account will immediately convince you of that.

Before deciding to get into modeling the stunner from South Carolina was well on her way to a career as a nurse until the agencies took notice of her natural beauty. Ever since then she’s been traveling the world for photo shoots and already looks like she’s been a pro for years. (The Smoke Room’s Model Of The Week: Rachell Vallori)

Have a happy Friday everybody – we’ll see you next week!

Ford Springer

Entertainment Reporter


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