The Smoke Room’s Internet Rise Continues In Dominating Fashion

David Hookstead | Reporter

It’s Monday, the sun is in the sky and The Smoke Room’s domination of the internet is continuing in impressive fashion.

I’m a humble guy, and we run a humble outfit as we try to entertain the internet with the best content on the web. However, it’d be foolish not to point out that The Smoke Room made some insane strides over the past week.

Our website is now bigger than the websites of some of the biggest name brands on this planet. Have you ever heard of the Cleveland Browns, Detroit LionsPittsburgh Steelers, or the Atlanta Falcons? They’re NFL teams, and every single one of them is now smaller than The Smoke Room.

Oh, and did I mention we’re also bigger than Dairy Queen? Apparently our content is even more enjoyable than tasty ice cream.

What a wild time to be alive.

We started by over-taking, a big stride to be sure. Now we’re climbing straight to the top. Would anybody have believed when this operation got started that The Smoke Room would have a larger website than some of the largest sports organizations in the world? I have no idea, but we’re not slowing down.

Congratulations to everybody who said there was no place on the internet for a bunch of guys interested in beer, babes, sports and current events. We were supposed to be left in the dustbin of history, but here we are owning the internet one day at a time.

Here’s a final message to all the haters:

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