Submit Your Questions To The Smoke Room For Hookstead’s Mailbag

David Hookstead | Reporter

It’s Wednesday, and that means we’re two days away from Hookstead’s Friday Mailbag appearing on The Smoke Room.

As always, I’ll be taking questions on any topic. There is literally nothing that is off-limits in this mailbag. Ask me about sports, politics, culture, entertainment, life advice and anything else you can think up. I will ALWAYS give you my unfiltered and straightforward take on the situation.

I’m also more than willing to take questions about the tragedy down in Texas if you have any. Again, there is absolutely nothing that’s off-limits when it comes to the mailbag.

There is nothing too outrageous or too out of control that anyone can ask. All you have to do is send your questions to [email protected], and I’ll answer the funniest and best ones.

Send you questions my way so I can give you my best take on the situation.

I can’t wait to hear from The Smoke Room’s audience.

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