Dude Goes To Thailand, Gets Ronda Rousey’d By Three Girls

Liam Clancy | Reporter

A man grabbing a Thai woman was subsequently beaten by a trio of women, a video posted to World Star Hip Hop Thursday shows.

Getting your ass kicked by one girl is pretty bad, but I’m not sure if getting your ass kicked by three girls is better or worse.

It certainty looks like it hurts worse.


The video starts with the man grabbing one of the women. The woman then breaks free to deliver a mean kick to the side, and the man stumbles to the ground.

This is where it gets good.

Three women begin to beat the man senseless as he tries to fight them back. He fails miserably and is instead pounded into the pavement by a flurry of kicks to the head and body.

The video ends with the man stumbling off obviously hurt, possibly bloody.

Something tells me he might respect women a bit more now.



Liam Clancy



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