These Twin Instagram Models Have It All Figured Out

Ford Springer | Contributor

Twin sisters Stephanie and Julia Baessler are the definition of the full package.

Not only are the 20-year-old identical twins blessed with good looks, but they’re both smarter than most of the “Instagram models” out there, according to the New York Post.

Stephanie (the brunette one) and Julia (the blonde one) are using their social media presences to make a difference in their lives rather than simply showing off their good looks. The stunning twin sisters are in law school at the University of Vienna and their using the money they make through their Instagram pages to pay the tuition.

Before that happened though, the Baessler twins racked up 183,000 and 195,000 followers on Instagram thanks to their bikini and lingerie photos and their health and beauty tips. Their following has gotten so big that they now have a joint account and a website to interact with their fans.

I’ve been on Instagram for years and I’ve never seen anyone half as impressive as these two girls. Gaining a big social media following is what it is, but seizing it as an opportunity and bettering yourself through it by putting yourself though school is something else.

Ford Springer



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