College Football Player Punches Coach In The Head – Promptly Gets Expelled

David Hookstead | Reporter

Tennessee State football player Latrelle Lee was expelled from school and booted from the team after punching strength and conditioning coach T.J. Greenstone.

Lee was expelled from the school Monday for his actions during a Saturday game against Southeast Missouri, according to the Missourian. He walked up to Greenstone, and just started swinging.

No motive has been given at this point for what motivated the attack.

Here is video of the attack:

Punching your coach is a guaranteed way to get thrown off of a team, and probably never play football again. I can’t think of a single coach I’ve ever met who would willingly take on a player who had been expelled from school for attacking his coach.

What was Lee thinking? I’ve seen plenty of different occasions where players and coaches get into each other’s faces, but I’ve never once seen a player start throwing punches at a coach. It’s honestly a shade surprising that Lee wasn’t arrested for his actions. Fighting in a game is one thing between players. Brutally attacking a school employee is a whole different ball game.

I hope it was worth it because Lee’s football career is almost certainly over.

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