Grayson Allen Silences His Haters – Dominates Michigan State

David Hookstead | Reporter

Duke basketball player Grayson Allen shut up his critics on national television Tuesday night when he routed Michigan State by scoring 37 points.

Grayson Allen might be the most hated man to play college basketball in the past decade, but the man can flat out play basketball. There’s no debate about that. He slit the Spartans’ throats in the victory by firing from all over the court. It was an electric performance.

There is nothing better in basketball than when Allen is on top of the world and dominating people. He pisses people off so much that it never stops being entertaining. He stole a ring right off the hands of my Wisconsin Badgers his freshman year, and I still can’t stop watching this guy.

College basketball needs chaos and a villain. Allen is more than willing to be the latter and serve as a catalyst for the former. Let’s go!

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David Hookstead



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