Jon Stewart Wants People Know Hollywood Isn’t Full Of Abusers

David Hookstead | Reporter

Comedian Jon Stewart wants people to know that not everybody in Hollywood is completely awful.

“I can’t say to you, ‘Oh yeah, everybody you like is a scumbag.’ No, that’s not been my experience at all. But, I do believe that there are systemic issues that make it harder for women,” Stewart told TMZ while discussing all the sexual abuse allegations sweeping across Hollywood.

It’s pretty sad that Hollywood stars have to go on the record to let people know the industry isn’t full of creeps. That’s generally a bad sign of how things are going.

Of course, we probably shouldn’t expect much different. Many Hollywood power players have gone down since the flood gates were opened by Harvey Weinstein. Kevin Spacey and Louis C.K. were just two of the bigger names in the industry to bite the dust.

You can bet everything you have that this also won’t be ending anytime soon. There will almost certainly be more names to follow.

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