Sound The Alarm – Paige VanZant’s Back Looks Like It’s Doing Just Fine

David Hookstead | Contributor

UFC star Paige VanZant looks to have fully recovered from a spine injury that kept her out of UFC 216, judging from a recent workout video.

VanZant filmed herself throwing a medicine ball in three different directions as she laid on the ground, and I find it hard to believe that’d be possible with a bad back or spine. (SLIDESHOW: These Are The Sexiest Paige VanZant Photos On The Internet)

Monday. Workout # 1 of 3.

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I think it’s time to officially get hyped. I’ve been saying for nearly a year that “12 Gauge” would eventually return to the octagon to keep smashing in faces. Not everybody bought into my theory, and I certainly wasn’t helped when she dropped out of UFC 216. (SLIDESHOW: Meet The Hottest Women Of The UFC)

However, it looks like she’s finally returned to a healthy enough condition to fight again. It might be time to start buy tickets, booking flights and preparing to watch this epic comeback in person.

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