Watching Bret Bielema Essentially Beg For His Job Is Borderline Cruel

David Hookstead | Reporter

Arkansas football coach Bret Bielema addressed the media Monday amid reports that he was going to be fired at the end of the season, and it’s painful to watch.

He just stood up at the podium and listed reasons for why he shouldn’t be fired. One of the most insane reasons was the “transition in our league, which I think is a positive to stay constant.”

Bielema is legit trying to argue he shouldn’t be fired because too many SEC coaches already have been. It’s a bold strategy, and we’ll have to wait to see how it works out for him.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is a man who is defeated. I’m super pumped to see Bielema’s fall from grace be finalized, but dragging it along at this point is starting to get insane. The guy’s coaching career is as dead as disco. Arkansas should just get this thing over with, and let Bielema keep whatever dignity he has left.

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David Hookstead



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