Body Cam Footage Seems To Justify Police Dragging Elderly Alabama Fan From The Stands

David Hookstead | Contributor

Body camera footage has been released from when an Alabama police officer dragged an elderly football fan out of the stadium for smoking.

Elderly Alabama football fan Sheree Brush went viral after being dragged from her seat for refusing to put out a cigarette.

It’s hard to tell from the viral video angle how close the cigarette got to the police officer, but it’s not a debate from the body cam. It came way to close for comfort, and it the police looks more than justified for removing her from the stadium.

How stupid do you need to be to do what she did? There is literally no justification for being that big of an idiot. Zero.

I love how she’s also trying to play victim. According to WVUA, she’s hired an attorney to “seek legal action.”

She should be sitting in a jail cell, and certainly not be in any position to threaten anybody with legal actions. You deserve whatever is coming your way if you shove a lit cigarette in anybody’s face, especially a cop’s face.

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