Swimming With Sharks Seems Incredibly Risky, But This Model Doesn’t Mind

David Hookstead | Reporter

Model Sarah Kohan shared a pair of throwback photos Tuesday morning of her in some shallow water with a bunch of sharks.

Seems like a bizarre move to ever get in the water with sharks, but my astute coworker pointed out to me that these appear to be nurse sharks. (SLIDESHOW: All The Times Lindsey Pelas Stripped Down On Instagram)

That’s important because nurse sharks don’t have teeth, which means they’re not likely to be a danger to you. He also pointed out that women taking photographs with them is incredibly common because most people don’t realize it’s actually a safe situation. (This Blonde Bombshell Might Be The Hottest Model On The Internet)

Think I need another Bahamas adventure

A post shared by SARAH KOHAN (@moonstrucktraveller) on

Some classic smoke and mirrors. Upon my first glance, I thought she was a few moments away from getting devoured. I fell for her faux bravery immediately, and I wouldn’t have ever known better if it weren’t for the advice from my buddy. (SLIDESHOW: This Surfer Loves Bikinis And Posting Insane Instagram Photos)

Well played, Kohan. I’m sure you fooled most of the internet, but you officially didn’t fool me.* (SLIDESHOW: 67 Times Abigail Ratchford Was Nearly Naked)

*Was absolutely fooled for a solid five minutes.

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