LaVar Ball Has Earned Millions In Ad Promotions Since Feuding With Donald Trump

David Hookstead | Contributor

LaVar Ball might be the smartest marketing man to ever live.

According to the Apex Marketing Group, Ball has earned himself more than $13 million in free ad time since he started feuding with President Donald Trump over his son’s release from Chinese custody.

LiAngelo ball was arrested for shoplifting, and was cut loose after Trump intervened.

LaVar has gone out of his way to let the President know that he doesn’t think he did anything important. It has led to a war of words over Twitter and Ball’s appearance on CNN. It’s all working out to plan for the founder of Big Baller Brand.

Don’t believe for a single second that LaVar doesn’t know exactly what he’s doing. He baited Trump into this war, and now he’s on television and being talked about nonstop. It’s exactly what he wanted to happen. I hate to call a guy I’ve never met a genius, but LaVar Ball certainly played this situation to perfection.

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