Cheerleader Grabs QB By His Facemask, Drags Him Around In Hilarious Fashion

David Hookstead | Contributor

Words exchanged between a high school quarterback and cheerleader got way out of control when she grabbed his facemask and started pulling him around.

According to BroBible, Maryville high school QB Dylan Hopkins hugged a cheerleader after a Tennessee Class 6A state semifinals game. Moments later, the exact same cheerleader grabbed him by his facemask, and appeared to angrily exchange words with him as he tried to get away.

I need to know what caused this like I need air in my lungs. Something tells me this was not along the lines of Sheryl Yoast in “Remember the Titans” spitting some football knowledge. That cheerleader does not look happy at all. That’s only further backed up by the fact the quarterback was clearly trying to get away from her. Like I said, I would pay a ton of money know what words were said to light the fuse on this situation.

Not smart all, especially to do this with cameras everywhere. And we all know his friends aren’t going to let him forget about this anytime soon.

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David Hookstead



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