Here Are The Smoke Room’s Women Of The Year [SLIDESHOW]

David Hookstead | Reporter

It’s finally December, and that means it’s time for The Smoke Room’s women of the year.

As you all know, there is nobody on this planet that defends the rights of hot women more than I do. I have been steadfast in my defense of the freedom that allows attractive women to post photos of themselves on social media.

It’s one of the beautiful things that separates us from the terrorists and communists. We should do whatever it takes to defend this freedom for not only today, but also the generations that will follow. That is why every year in December I do tons of research to find out which women excelled during the past year on Instagram, modeling shows and anywhere else they bring some heat. So, feel free to sound off in the comments if you agree with who I chose, or if you think I missed somebody.



David Hookstead



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