Here Are The Odds For How The Football National Championship Will End Up

David Hookstead | Reporter

Odds have been released for how the college football championship will end up.

Oddshark has the following numbers:

  • BAMA beats Georgia +400
  • BAMA beats Oklahoma+450
  • Clemson beats Georgia+450
  • Clemson beats Oklahoma+600
  • Georgia beats BAMA +650
  • Georgia beats Clemson+700
  • Oklahoma beats BAMA +650
  • Oklahoma beats Clemson+700

I’m not going to tell you guys how to bet, but I like Clemson and Oklahoma both making the title game. I think the SEC gets exposed for the frauds that they are. I will get to laugh at them and mock them for everything that’s ever been said about them and then bet on the game.

I have no idea who will win between those two, but generally speaking I always go with the team that has a better QB. So right now I’m leaning towards Oklahoma. However, that could change at any moment.

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