Herm Edwards Sees College Football Jersey – Thinks It’s For A Girl Or A Kid

David Hookstead | Reporter

Herm Edwards was shocked by how small college football jerseys are.

The Arizona State football coach was featured in some behind the scenes action of his program takeover, and I think it’s safe to say he’s not really aware of how much uniforms have changed.

“This is a game jersey? That is nuts. I thought it was a girls, or little kids jersey,” Edwards said when he was handed the jersey.

Herm Edwards at ASU is going to be incredible. It might not result in a ton of wins, but it’s still going to be absolutely awesome.

The man is nothing but passion, motivation and the need to grind it out. He was handed a football jersey and immediately went off. Didn’t even hesitate for a second. I want this to work out so badly for the Sun Devils just because we’d then get years of great entertainment. If it fails we might only get a couple years. At least we’ll enjoy every bit of it for as long as the whole Edwards experiment lasts.

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