LaVar Ball Seems To Think LiAngelo Can Play Basketball In China

David Hookstead | Reporter

LaVar Ball appears to think China would welcome his son LiAngelo back with open arms.

“They would be happy to have him,” LaVar told TMZ Sports when asked about the possibility of his son returning to China to pursue professional basketball.

This isn’t going to happen for a couple of reasons. First, I highly doubt that China wants LiAngelo back after he set off a major incident with his shoplifting arrest. Doesn’t seem like Chinese officials would want that at all.

There’s also a much bigger reason why we won’t be seeing the UCLA dropout in China anytime soon. Chinese basketball is at an extremely high level. I know people who have played there that were very good players in college. They didn’t make much of an impact, and they’re lightyears better than LiAngelo is at the moment.

China is a great destination for NBA guys at the end of their career or NBA benchwarmers who want a big payday. That’s what the league has thrived on. It’s not a great option for a guy who was going to struggle for minutes in college.

It’s not going to happen.

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