The Smoke Room’s Model Of The Week: Brooke Lynn Buchanan

Ford Springer | Reporter

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for The Smoke Room’s model of the week.

This week’s lovely lady is Brooke Lynn Buchanan. You might not have heard of the American beauty before, but it’s about time you start paying attention.

Brooke grew up in the small town of Marblehead, Ohio right on the shores of Lake Erie, but her work as a model has taken her all over the place. (The Smoke Room’s Model Of The Week: Jaimie Sullivan) 

Nowadays Buchanan is based out of New York City, but luckily for her followers she escapes the city for warmer weather on a regular basis and brings little more than a bikini along with her.

Like most up-and-coming models, Brooke always seems to be on the move, but you can always count on her to fill you in on the action. (The Smoke Room’s Model Of The Week: Maggie Rawlins Douglas)

Have a happy Friday everybody – we’ll see you next week!

Ford Springer



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