Andy Roddick And Brooklyn Decker Announce The Birth Of Their Daughter

Jena Greene | Reporter

Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker announced the birth of their daughter on Instagram Wednesday.

This will be the couple’s second child together and a source close to them says they have named their baby girl Stevie.

“A newborn, a toddler, a dog in a cone, a dog with a tumor but I’m having a good hair day so it’s fine we’re fine I’m fine,” Decker posted to her Instagram this afternoon.

The couple’s firstborn, Hank, is already a total stud. His dad is one of the best tennis players in the world and his mom is a supermodel, but they’re not stopping there. Brooklyn Decker has said in the past that she and Roddick have “very high hopes” for their son.

“We want him to win the Masters and become the President of the United States, all in one year. And win Think it Up because he’s such a brilliant globally thinking entrepreneur at the age of 14. But no pressure,” she joked.

Although with such studs as parents anything is possible. The kids are destined to be athletes, supermodels, actors, or possibly all three. How many people — let alone couples — do you know that can rock Canadian tuxedos while still managing to be more attractive than 95 percent of the population? It’s a can’t-lose situation for Hank and Stevie.

Call me in 20 years and I will be anything but surprised when Hank is winning the Masters and Stevie is on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Jena Greene



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