Lane Kiffin Reveals Who He’s Cheering For In The National Championship

David Hookstead | Reporter

Florida Atlantic head coach and former Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin is all in on the Crimson Tide against Georgia in the title game.

Kiffin was asked who he’d be supporting in the big game, and he responded with “BAMA.”

So, are we really believing this or do we think this is for optics? I think Kiffin wants to see his former players do well, and I’m fairly confident they’re going to roll Georgia. I’m not even a little bit worried.

However, Kiffin has made a nice name for himself as the chief troll of Nick Saban on Twitter, and he’s been relentless at times. That doesn’t exactly seem like somebody who deep down wants Alabama to win.

Let’s not forget that Kiffin was shown the door right before the title game against Clemson last year. Alabama went on to lose that game. That would make anybody in Kiffin’s situation smile. I don’t care who you are.

Of course, we’re never going to know for sure. We’ll have to follow his Twitter feed like a hawk on game day.

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