The SEC Gets Murdered With A Single Tweet

David Hookstead | Reporter

Former ESPN pundit Danny Kanell killed the SEC on Twitter Wednesday.

Kanell, a noted SEC realist, hit his fans with, “Funny how the SEC fans are so upset by UCF claiming a national championship. This from the conference that might have more made up titles than real ones.”

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s what we like to call dropping a nuclear bomb in the business. There’s no getting up from that kind of a headshot. Kanell splattered the SEC’s brains against a white wall. It’s an ugly scene, but a justified one.

Kanell is referring to the fact lots of schools used to just deem themselves national champions before a concrete system was put in place. For example, Kentucky gave themselves a football national championship last year for the 1950 season. A total of four teams claim to have won a national title, including fellow SEC team Tennessee. See what a joke that is?

I think Kanell and I need to join forces to bring down the SEC once and for all. That’d be the most righteous war ever fought.

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David Hookstead



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