USC Star Quarterback Sam Darnold Is Headed To The NFL

David Hookstead | Reporter

USC quarterback Sam Darnold declared for the draft Wednesday night, and did it only minutes after Josh Rosen made his intentions known.

Darnold posted a short video on Instagram letting fans of the USC Trojans know his decision, and why he made it.

I’ve made my decision…

A post shared by Sam Darnold (@samdarnold) on

I said things got interesting when Rosen entered moments ago, and now they just got cranked up to another level.

These two are both capable of being the top pick. The fact they’re both in makes me believe that at least one of them knows Cleveland will absolutely not draft them. My initial sense is that Rosen feels safe from the Browns.

OF course, there’s a chance that neither Darnold nor Rosen ends up Cleveland. Maybe Baker Mayfield is bound to be the top pick in the NFL draft. Only time will tell what happens, but we’re in a for a fun ride with both stars from California in the draft.

Things are about to get really exciting.

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