Texas Woman Faces Life In Prison For Allegedly Destroying Art – Seems A Bit Harsh

David Hookstead | Reporter

Texas woman Lindy Lou Layman is facing up to life in prison if convicted on charges stemming from allegedly destroying pieces of art, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The Houston Chronicle reported the following:

A Dallas woman accused of destroying at least $300,000 worth of sculptures and original paintings – including two original Andy Warhol works – at the River Oaks home of a Houston lawyer is challenging that attorney’s story.

Lindy Lou Layman, 29, appeared in court Tuesday after a charge of criminal mischief was filed by well-known Houston trial attorney Anthony Buzbee on December 23.

Similar to allegations of theft or embezzlement, the level of the charge is determined by the value of the objects in question. In this case, Layman is accused of the maximum, a first degree felony. If convicted, she could face life in prison.

Call me crazy, but serving life in prison for allegedly destroying some paintings and sculptures seems like the definition of an overreaction. You shouldn’t be doing life in prison unless you seriously hurt somebody or sold state secrets.

Destroying pieces of art? Seems like the perfect type of situation for a fine, maybe a little jail time and then everybody moves on with their lives. Serving life in prison? Are you kidding me? That seems insane. Give me a break. Not to mention Layman looks like a certified smoke. Does being attractive not count for anything these days? We can’t be locking up our attractive women. Just can’t allow it.

I also love how this is being chalked up to up to a really bad booze infused date gone terribly wrong, according to the same report. I’ve been on some wild dates throughout my life, but I don’t think I’ve ever had a woman hunt down my most valuable items in an attempt to destroy them.

If the allegations are true, I almost have to respect the savageness of it. You don’t want to date her? Fine, but she might allegedly just destroy yourself.

I don’t often follow court cases, but I might have to fly down to Texas to soak this one up in person if it goes to trial because this whole thing is straight out of the movies.

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