Cindy Crawford Recreates Her Iconic Super Bowl Ad 26 Years Later

Ford Springer | Reporter

It’s been 26 years since Cindy Crawford’s iconic Pepsi commercial first aired during the Super Bowl and she’s bringing it back after all these years with the help of her son.

The recently recreated commercial will air during the broadcast of Super Bowl 52 on February 4 with just a few changes to the original. For one, Crawford’s 18-year-old son, Presley Walker Gerber, will be in it. In addition to that the new commercial will also include footage from Michael Jackson’s own Pepsi commercial, Fox News reports.

(Photo Courtesy of Pepsi/ Getty Images)

On Wednesday, Crawford revealed why she didn’t even hesitate to recreate the commercial and spoke about how exciting it was for her to bring it back with her son.

“Just as a mother, we drove to work together that day and we shared the same trailer. And when he was doing his thing, I was just a proud mom watching from the sidelines, trying not to annoy him,” she told Fox News.

In the original commercial from 1992 Crawford pulls up to a gas station in a Lamborghini and steps out in a white tank top and jean shorts to buy a Pepsi from the machine. To this day it’s still one of the defining moments of her career.

“It was one of those moments in my career that when I walked down the street, people were like, ‘Pepsi!’ Or I’d be at a bar and people would send me over a Pepsi,” she said with a laugh.

Obviously she’s had many more special moments than that one during her impressive modeling career, but that is one that will never be forgotten.

Ford Springer



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