Nancy Kerrigan Comes Out As A Fan Of Olivia Munn – That’s A Win For America

David Hookstead | Reporter

Former figure skater Nancy Kerrigan tweeted that she is a fan of America’s sweetheart Olivia Munn Thursday night during the Critics Choice Awards.

Kerrigan was attacked more than 20 years ago, and many thought rival figure skater Tonya Harding was behind the attack. Harding has denied any part of planning the attack, but has admitted she knew something was up. The two women’s names have been attached ever since the horrific attack.

After a skit from Munn during the Critics Choice Awards, Kerrigan tweeted, “Loved @oliviamunn. She can play me anytime.”

Munn quickly responded on Twitter and Instagram.

So this happened tonight Happy #NancyKerrigan liked the #INancy bit from the #CriticsChoiceAwards tonight!!

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I have two main takeaways here. First, it’s always cool when two admirable people come together on social media. Munn is one of our favorite actresses, and Kerrigan was one of our favorite athletes. Harding trying to take her off the chessboard doesn’t change any of that.

This is one of the few times that social media is actually pretty cool.

Second, I find it super weird that a movie has been made about Tonya Harding, a film that appears to portray her as a sympathetic figure.

Harding sounds like one of the worst people ever to get in the sports world. Maybe we shouldn’t be idolizing, romanticizing and inviting her to award shows like the Golden Globes. Just a thought.

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