Nina Agdal Goes Topless To Put The Fashion Industry On Blast

Ford Springer | Reporter

Apparently Nina Agdal wasn’t good enough for a certain magazine she recently posed for and the Danish supermodel did not hold back when she blasted them on social media on Friday.

Agdal absolutely ripped into the unnamed publication, and the fashion industry as a whole, in an Instagram post Friday afternoon with a lengthy comment about body image. Judging from the photo she shared along with it, it’s clear to see why she was upset that her cover story didn’t make the cut.

“Today, I’m disappointed and appalled at the still very harsh reality of this industry. A few months ago, I agreed to shoot with a creative team I believed in and was excited to collaborate with,” she began.

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After explaining that the publisher decided not to run her cover/story in their magazine because it didn’t reflect well on her talent, Agdal shot down the excuse explaining that anyone who hires her knows exactly what they’re going to get. (SLIDESHOW: 77 Of Nina Agdal’s Sexiest Moments In Front Of The Camera)

“If anyone has any interest in me, they know I am not an average model body – I have an athletic build and healthy curves,” she wrote. “After a tough year of taking a step back from the insensitive and unrealistic pressures of this industry and dealing with paralyzing social anxiety, I walked into that shoot as a 25 year old WOMAN feeling more comfortable in my own skin and healthier than ever before. Some days I’m a sample size, some days I’m a size 4, some a 6. I am not built as a runway model and have never been stick thin,” she wrote.

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Nina Agdal is one of the most famous models in the world and has been noticeably absent from the spotlight and social media for the past few months — and now we know why.

“Now more than ever, I embrace my curves and work diligently in the gym to stay strong and most of all, sane. I am proud to say that my body has evolved from when I started this crazy ride as a 16 year old GIRL with unhealthy and insufficient eating habits,” she continued. “So, shame on you and thank you to the publisher for reaffirming how important it is to live your truth and say it out loud, no matter who you are or what size.”

“I decided to release an image to draw awareness and support of an issue that’s bigger than just myself and affects so many people not just in the fashion industry, but in general, with the goal of bringing women from all over together in a celebration of our bodies. Let’s find ways to build each other up instead of constantly finding ways to tear each other down,” Agdal concluded.

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Shame on you is right, whoever you are. If Nina Agdal doesn’t do it for your magazine, it’s hard to imagine that there’s anyone living in this world that will. Keep doing your thing, Nina.

Ford Springer



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