James Harrison Picks Up A Custom Gun Before AFC Title Game

David Hookstead | Reporter

New England Patriots linebacker James Harrison hooked himself up with a custom weapon ahead of the AFC championship game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Harrison recently posted a photo of what appears to be a custom made AK-47 platform pistol on Instagram. The weapon has his jersey number 92 on the magazine of the weapon and the rear of the pistol.

He captioned the gun picture, “That new Deebo Draco.”

That new Deebo Draco

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I love this move. You can literally never have enough guns. I don’t care if you already own 100 of them. Go get 101 more.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of AK platform weapons, especially the 7.62×39 round. I don’t love the ammunition, lack of accuracy when I need to punch out several hundred yards and a variety of other different things. However, AK platform weapons are extremely durable and last a long time.

It might not be my cup of tea, but that’s still a pretty cool gun.

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