45 Of Kelly Rohrbach’s Sexiest Moments In Front Of The Camera [SLIDESHOW]

Ford Springer | Entertainment Reporter

Kelly Rohrbach isn’t like most of the models out there, which is probably part of the reason you haven’t heard anything about her in a while.

Long before she graced the pages of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit or appeared in the blockbuster reboot of “Baywatch,” the beautiful blonde was a collegiate golfer at Georgetown University. Rohrbach didn’t compete for long before giving up on competitive golf to focus on acting when she was just a sophomore, but she still shows off her skills from time to time.

Unlike most models and actresses, the long-legged blonde keeps a pretty low-profile and doesn’t seem to crave the media spotlight. And rather than present her life as some sort of picture-perfect fantasy on social media, she’s just herself. (RELATED: All Eyes Were On Kelly Rohrbach At The ‘Baywatch’ Screening In New York City)

Celebrate Kelly’s 28th birthday Sunday with some her sexiest moments in front of the camera.


Ford Springer

Entertainment Reporter


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