These Are The Must-See Reactions To The NFL Last Night [VIDEO]

Jena Greene | Contributor

Last night was arguably the best night in football. Four of the best teams in the NFL face off and duke it out for a spot in the Super Bowl. As a fan, you laugh, you cry, and if you’re in Philly, you may even scale a lamp post or two.

Luckily, Philadelphia PD was smart enough to foresee a problem, so they sent out a letter to businesses across the city warning them that they couldn’t guarantee anyone’s safety.

Without fail, the NFC championship produced some Oscar-worthy fan performances. Let’s review.

We knew that – win or lose – Philly was bound to get rowdy. They haven’t seen an NFC Championship game in 14 years and fans have a bit of a, shall we say, passionate reputation. After all, the Linc is the only NFL stadium with a jail in it. So, when St. Nick Foles swooped in to save the day and drove the Vikings out of town 38-7, the city of Philadelphia basically became a scene from “The Purge.”

Philly police coated all the poles in lard before the game to prevent fans from climbing them, but as you can see below, Eagles fans have an indomitable spirit.

In case it’s difficult to see, this is a Philadelphia man riding a garbage truck.

And this is a dune buggy going up the “Rocky” stairs.

And these are speakers in a baby carriage.

And this is just a really big fire.

Even the players partook in the festivities.

The Vikings weren’t having as great of a night, even though Philly was nice enough to send the team off personally.

Nothing could soothe the poor people of Minnesota.

Better luck next year, maybe.

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