These Are The Greatest Photos Of Alana Blanchard On The Internet

David Hookstead | Reporter

Alana Blanchard is one of the most famous surfers on the planet, and for good reason.

Blanchard recently gave birth, and has been relatively silent on social media. However, she’s got plenty of throwback photos that are worth checking out. Here at The Smoke Room, we love celebrating athletes. Sports are awesome and are part of the backbone of this great country. Our love of competition really separates us from everybody else. If you’re not playing to win then you shouldn’t be playing at all. It’s really that simple in our eyes.

Of course, we’re also bikini fans of women who dominate Instagram. The freedom to post swimsuit and bikini photos is also something that we take very seriously. What type of country would we be if women like Blanchard couldn’t show off on Instagram? If you’re a hot surfer then you should be able to post any kind of photos that you want. That’s the type of freedom we’re over here fighting for. Now, enjoy the best photos of her on Instagram.



David Hookstead



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