Check Out The Newest Preview For The Upcoming Third Season Of ‘Billions’

David Hookstead | Reporter

Showtime recently released another preview for the third season of “Billions.”

The newest look appears to be setting up Bobby Axelrod, who is played by Damien Lewis, and his heir apparent Taylor Mason on a collision course.

Everybody should be watching this show. I mean absolutely everybody. I binged the first two seasons in a matter of days because it’s so good.

I have no idea on the reality behind “Billions,” or how realistic of an interpretation it is of the chaos on Wall Street.

What I know for sure is that Lewis and everybody else involved with this show is outstanding. Axelrod is one of the most entertaining and interesting characters we’ve seen on television in a long time.

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It’s truly amazing how the writers, actors and directors have made it possible to love and hate Axelrod. He’s without a doubt the villain in the show, but you’re still always cheering for him.

We can find out what more chaos he has to embrace when “Billions” returns March 25.

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