Johnny Manziel Responds On Social Media After His ‘GMA’ Interview Blows Up

David Hookstead | Reporter

Johnny Manziel has been in the news nonstop Monday after granting an interview with “Good Morning America,” and he responded to everything on social media.

ESPN has been talking about this story ever since it aired this morning, and for good reason. Johnny Football still has the ability to dominate the news cycle. That didn’t go unnoticed by the Heisman winner, who posted a series of tweets and Instagram posts Monday afternoon.

Head up, keep pushing thru

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Just want to say thank you. To all the people who have stuck by me thru my worst. I won’t stop until I make it back. I’m humbled and hungrier than ever before!

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The tweet below is probably the most important one.

I grew up in the sports world, and have been surrounded by it my whole life. I have had the rare opportunity to watch some of my friends have incredibly successful careers, but Manziel has a point here that people don’t often realize.

Athletes, especially those in the spotlight, have lots of issues they’re dealing with. It can range to struggles with expectations and it go to crazy fans. It happens all the time. You’re asking young men to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. They’re humans who have ups and downs just like people who don’t play sports and live private lives.

It might not be a truth that people want to hear, but it’s important that fans realize these guys aren’t robots.

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