Dog Shows Are Really Stupid And An Embarrassment To Mankind

David Hookstead | Reporter

The Westminster Dog Show will air tonight, and it’s a great reminder that dog shows are an abomination.

Dogs have no business being trotted out for shows. The majestic creatures have a few very important roles in our society, and being in dog shows isn’t one of them.

The purpose of a dog is to provide security, hunting skills and some level of companionship for humans. Do you know what you didn’t see on that list? Dog shows, which are utterly ridiculous. I’ve had a few dogs throughout the years. Would they ever win an award show? Hell no, but there were few dogs more ready to take down an animal or a human if necessary.

You let my old dog Jake (RIP) loose in a field, and it was about to be a bloodbath. He was nothing but intelligence and muscles that worked in perfect coordination. What are these award show dogs going to do if somebody breaks into your house? Nothing. My dogs would have gone limb to limb until they just got bored with it.

I’m more than okay with handing out awards for dogs that have the necessary training and instincts to be a hunting machine. That at least make sense.

Handing out awards at the Westminster Dog Show are laughable, and insult to real dogs everywhere. You don’t have a real dog if the animal can’t hunt at all. You have a heavy cat.

Get out of here with this dog show garbage. Get out immediately. Bring me dogs that can put meat on the table, and save the rest of them for somebody with lower standards.

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David Hookstead



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